26 juin 2017

  I never thought that one day i would have taken that many pictures of rocks, but like Justin Bieber would say, "never say never" ! This place is truly amazing, not just by it's funny rocks coming out of the grounds/sea but also by all the stories behind. This is one thing I love about Ireland, there legends.

First thing first, this kind of formation is not unique in the world, these hexagons tubes coming out of the sea/ground are volcanic rock formation. They can be found all around the world but they are mostly under water . This is what it makes Giant Causeway so notable. 

But what's all the myth around it ? There is so many stories about this location but the one know to everyone is about Finn. Finn has trouble with someone accross the water in Scotland. He grabs chunks of the coast of Antrim and trow them in the water. They form a path to Scotland to meet the troublemaker to teach him a lesson, but once on the other side he sees the giant Benandonner and retreat in Northern Ireland as quick as possible. Benandonner follows him to his house, Finn's wife quickly reacts by disguising Finn as a baby. Once the giant in the house, he sees the big baby and think that the father must really be huge too. Afraid, Benandoner decides to retreat to his own country but breaks the path between the two nations on his way back. (here is the video that you can see at the Giant Causeway visitors center)

  Probably one of my favorite place in Northern Ireland with the beautiful city of Belfast. We went on a day tour trip from Dublin with the company Paddywagon for around 60 euros. I will show you the picture of the others place that we visited during this short trip in a second post !


2 commentaires:

  1. J'aime beaucoup. C'est joli Margaux. Bizz de toute la famille... Michel

  2. C'est super ! Cette roche volcanique semi immergée et cette herbe presque fluo qui, borde les falaises, ça me rappelle des photos que j'ai pu prendre sur l'Île de Pâques il y a tout pile 2 ans ! (Mahina Laurent)